[development] Node body weight ignored?

nan wich nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 7 10:45:49 UTC 2010

Well, considering that it's in a loop and all the other fields do move, that seems unlikely. I did not try the rebuild, but again, all th others do move; I assumed that hook_nodeapi(view) was too late in the process to rebuild.
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From: Lee Rowlands 

We’ve all done it before – any chance your $node argument in the function definition is missing the &? One I’m always guilty of with form handlers when wondering why $form_state[‘rebuild’] = TRUE won’t work or even better, I’ve called my function somemodule_nodeapi but the module’s called someothermodule.
>The module's install file finds the highest weight in the system table and adds one to it, so it should be absolutely the last thing to run.

>>Just a thought, is content module (cck) coming through after your change and resetting it? Give your module a lower weight in the system table to test if something else is overriding your change.
>>>I have a hook_nodeapi op='view' implementation that is changing $node->content['body']['#weight']. Apparently it is being ignored because every other section that has a weight higher (less negative) than that weight is still being rendered above the body. I haven't yet gone digging through core to find out why this is happening. Is this the correct behavior?
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