[development] Upload problems in D7

Bob Hutchinson hutchlists at midwales.com
Sat Jun 12 08:42:37 UTC 2010

I am upgrading a module from D6 to D7 and have stumbled over a problem with 
uploading files.

I am using a java applet to collect the filenames and upload them. The applet 
requires a full URL (eg http://example.com/my/path/to/callback) as it is 
running on its own so it cannot *know* what FQDN to prepend to a relative 
path. The apache logs show a 404 file not found error and watchdog also logs 
the error like so: http://example.com/http://example.com/my/path/to/callback

All this works well in D6 and I have been very careful in the upgrade. The 
callback never arrives. It looks like D7 assumes or even requires a relative 
path and is prepending http://example.com/ automatically.

Any pointers would be much appreciated ;-)

Bob Hutchinson
Midwales dot com

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