[development] Ahah issues

Lee Rowlands leerowlands at rowlands-bcs.com
Fri Jun 25 04:29:48 UTC 2010

Hoping someone can help shed some light on this because I'm getting nowhere
fast and I'm sure it will be something obvious.
I've got a form (node edit form) with ahah elements (textfields, radios
etc). Some of the html returned includes additional form elements that also
have ahah elements but the ahah behaviours aren't being attached to the new
In my code I'm using the following to return the settings with the data:
$javascript = drupal_add_js(NULL, NULL, 'header');
    'status'   => TRUE,
    'data'     => theme('status_messages') . drupal_render($form),
    'settings' => call_user_func_array('array_merge_recursive',

And from the firebug console I can see my new elements in returned json in
the settings.ahah object but after the ahah submission is finished they
don't make it to Drupal.settings.ahah so when the ahah behavior is rerun at
the end of the ahah success callback, my new elements don't get ahah
Any ideas what I'm missing here?
Lee Rowlands

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