[development] Ahah issues

Steven Jones steven.jones at computerminds.co.uk
Fri Jun 25 06:42:28 UTC 2010

Hi Lee,

You're the second person to ask this question in 24 hours. The other
thread is here:
But the short answer is have a look at filefield_js in the filefield module.

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On 25 June 2010 05:29, Lee Rowlands <leerowlands at rowlands-bcs.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Hoping someone can help shed some light on this because I'm getting nowhere
> fast and I'm sure it will be something obvious.
> I've got a form (node edit form) with ahah elements (textfields, radios
> etc). Some of the html returned includes additional form elements that also
> have ahah elements but the ahah behaviours aren't being attached to the new
> elements.
> In my code I'm using the following to return the settings with the data:
> $javascript = drupal_add_js(NULL, NULL, 'header');
>  drupal_json(array(
>    'status'   => TRUE,
>    'data'     => theme('status_messages') . drupal_render($form),
>    'settings' => call_user_func_array('array_merge_recursive',
> $javascript['setting'])
>  ));
> And from the firebug console I can see my new elements in returned json in
> the settings.ahah object but after the ahah submission is finished they
> don't make it to Drupal.settings.ahah so when the ahah behavior is rerun at
> the end of the ahah success callback, my new elements don't get ahah
> goodness.
> Any ideas what I'm missing here?
> Lee Rowlands

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