[development] [OT] Eclipse Helios

Pierre Rineau pierre.rineau at makina-corpus.com
Tue Jun 29 16:18:47 UTC 2010

Le mardi 29 juin 2010 à 10:21 -0500, larry at garfieldtech.com a écrit :
> I actually had to downgrade from Helios back to Ganymede on my OS X 
> system.  I gave it plenty of RAM, but I still kept getting stack 
> overflow errors when opening common.inc, theme.inc, and other large 
> files.  The code completion is actually useful in Helios, which is more 
> than I can say for Ganymede, but the repeated bombing on large files 
> combined with randomly breaking my debugger on certain projects forced 
> me to go back to the previous version.
> I've heard that these are known, reported issues so I may try it again 
> in a few months.
> Caveat emptor and all that.

This is often what happens, X.0.0 versions are no good, wait for the
first set of patches :) That's actually quite wise to wait for some
updates to go.

For the memory errors, I'm using it with the settings I gave in another
mail earlier, and it works really fine on my box, you may want to check
your eclipse.ini file. But for the other problems, I think you don't
really have another choice than wait.


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