[development] Form API and enter key press

Pierre Rineau. pierre.rineau at makina-corpus.com
Wed Mar 3 11:01:35 UTC 2010

Found my own solution, a jQuery based script that searchs for a specific
class on form input elements and trick the browser by preprending a
cloned version of the default submit button on top of the form.

If works well, the page remains CSS/XHTML compliant, and is, I think,
cross browser compatible.

Do you people think it worth the shot commiting this really simple
module on drupal.org cvs and create a new project ?

The fact is I need it on many modules, which are not dependent by the
way, so I need this to be in its own projet.

Any people interested?

Pierre Rineau
Courriel -- Jabber/XMPP(/GTalk): pierre.rineau at processus.org
Tél: +33 (0)6 59 46 62 27

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