[development] D7 AJAX API change: Submit and Validation

Randy Fay randy at randyfay.com
Sat Mar 27 02:08:11 UTC 2010

Sorry - the new AJAX Forms page is at http://drupal.org/node/752056

I'm hoping to expand upon that, and hoping that we can consolidate some more
of the D7 FAPI information as well.

The Examples module now has a gracefully degrading AJAX dependent dropdown
as well, pointed to by http://drupal.org/node/752056.


On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 6:45 PM, Alex Bronstein <alex at craftyspace.com>wrote:

> Small clarification to this: #1 and #2 are true for when the triggering
> element is not a submit button or image button (or more precisely, when its
> #executes_submit_callback property isn't true, which by default is only for
> submit buttons and image buttons). So for example, when clicking a checkbox
> directly triggers AJAX. When an AJAX-enabled submit or image button triggers
> an AJAX submission, then by default, validation errors are reported and
> either the button's #submit handlers or the FORM_ID_submit() function do get
> executed as you're used to from D6 AHAH. In D7, a button can set #submit and
> #limit_validation_errors to empty arrays in order act the same as a
> non-button in this regard.
> Hopefully, D7 FAPI and AJAX documentation will help make all this clearer.
> Randy, can you please send the documentation link you intended to send in
> the PS. The issue URL got pasted instead.
> -Alex.
> Randy Fay wrote:
>> If you're working with D7 AJAX Forms, you will be interested in an API
>> change this week.
>> With http://drupal.org/node/684846, the AJAX triggering was refactored,
>> and this has some effects on those of you using it:
>> The bottom line: The submit function and form_set_error() actions only
>> take place when the entire form is submitted, and do not take place in an
>> AJAX triggered event (unless it's submitting the entire form).
>> 1. Fields don't get errors reported against them in the context of a
>> single-element AJAX event. So for example, if you're triggering on a select
>> and there is another required field in the form, form_set_error() will not
>> report the fact that the other required field is still empty.
>> 2. The _submit() function is *no longer* executed during an AJAX
>> submission, only when the form itself is submitted. It's only run when the
>> whole form is submitted. If you have behavior in your module that depends on
>> this, you'll have to change this.
>> I had some contrib code broken by a recent small interface change in D7,
>> and I think we should probably make announcements to this group when these
>> interface changes happen. I haven't figured out a better way of notifying
>> authors who might be affected.
>> PS: There is some new documentation on AJAX forms at
>> http://drupal.org/node/684846. Your review and suggestions are welcome.
>> -Randy
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