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Josh josh at joshnliz.com
Mon Nov 8 21:38:07 UTC 2010

Hello Drupal Developers!

I have a client asking about his SEO impact. As a part of our content
development strategy, we develop a sitemap and attach 3 to 5 high impact
phrases to each page and craft our content around those phrases. That is as
about as far I have gone to make our websites SEO friendly.  After my client
has asked about the impact of this strategy, it led me to wonder if there is
a software or website service that respectable web developers use for
generating SEO reports on Drupal websites.

I'm not asking for trade secrets, just asking more about "which tools do you
recommend" to use with our Drupal sites to measure the success of our SEO

We already have Google Webmaster Tools setup and Google Analytics. What I'm
after is a software or web service that can help us see what traffic we are
potentially missing.

Thanks for your thoughts,
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