[development] Reputable SEO Software

Chris Skene chris at xtfer.com
Mon Nov 8 22:12:55 UTC 2010

I have always used Google Analytics and simple done comparisons over time. You could also try SEO Moz however.

On 09/11/2010, at 8:38 AM, Josh wrote:

> Hello Drupal Developers!
> I have a client asking about his SEO impact. As a part of our content development strategy, we develop a sitemap and attach 3 to 5 high impact phrases to each page and craft our content around those phrases. That is as about as far I have gone to make our websites SEO friendly.  After my client has asked about the impact of this strategy, it led me to wonder if there is a software or website service that respectable web developers use for generating SEO reports on Drupal websites.
> I'm not asking for trade secrets, just asking more about "which tools do you recommend" to use with our Drupal sites to measure the success of our SEO strategy?
> We already have Google Webmaster Tools setup and Google Analytics. What I'm after is a software or web service that can help us see what traffic we are potentially missing.
> Thanks for your thoughts,
> Josh

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