[development] Howto execute custom code after all features modules and dependencies are installed?

Juraj Chlebec havran at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 09:21:01 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I fighting with Features module. It's great but i missing some
information. One of them is subject.

I use Features and i want install some dummy content after feature is
installed. I use node_export module for exporting content with images.
All this working great but only after i enable Feature second time.

I try use function node_export_import($node_array) in
my_module.install in hook_enable() but this is too early (content type
is not created). For this i use hook_init in my module and here i
check my special variable which is set after installing dummy content
to TRUE. First time this create nodes with title only (without other
fields filled). I try delete all this content, variable, disable all
dependencies modules and feature and uninstall them. After that if i
enable my feature all working as expected. Dummy content has all
fields filled.

I think there is some order in which modules are enabled. In my case
content type is already created but without CCK fields.

Thanks for every advice.


Juraj Chlebec aka Havran
http://www.fem.uniag.sk/havran - Havranov mini-blog

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