[development] Creative ideas?

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Btw, what I'm considering is separate sites, a shared db with different prefixes, one login to access any panel from that point on, and al sites having menu links between admin panels, so it appears as one panel.
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I have a client, who has a client, with a D6 site and Ubercart store.

They now want to take their store international (since their business
has become so), and want to be able to have separate store financials
(fulfilment, checkout, reports, inventory, etc.) for each country, as
well as separate site functionality for things like blocks, etc. ----
all from one admin panel.

I know there's a module to specify content availability by domain. There
is also a module to allow one store to stretch over several domains, but
it doesn't segregate the 'inners' of each store.

I thought I'd ask whether anyone knows if this has been done. Second
reactions, I guess, since the first are likely to be either 'hahaha' or
'sure...a team and several months' :-)

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