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I'm thinking that what you did results in being able to sell Widget in 
several languages and currencies, all sales coming from one inventory. 
And that uc_domain would modify the invoices, etc. based on what country 
the items were ordered from. Is that correct?

In this case, Widget would be item 001 in the U.S., item 002 in Canada, 
etc. so that an order for it from the U.S. would not come from the same 
inventory as an order for it from Canada, and all the downhill books 
(sales accounting, distribution) would follow.

In other words, what you did would seem to be for one company and source 
of goods sold to many places, where what I would need is the company 
headquarters (with the admin panel) having a distribution company in 
each country, each with their own inventory and accounting.


On 10/20/2010 05:31 AM, Ian Bezanson wrote:
> Jeff:
> You'd be better off, and likely have less headache to utilize the 
> Domain Access module (http://drupal.org/project/domain) to achieve the 
> latter bit, rather than separate installs, sharing a database.  I've 
> built a multinational, multilingual storefront with Drupal and 
> Ubercart earlier this year and that was definitely the way to go - you 
> can manage content per domain, or make it available for all domains, 
> use different themes per domain, etc.  If nothing else, come upgrade 
> time you will thank yourself for doing it this way as you'll only have 
> one site to maintain and upgrade - plus then your admin section IS in 
> one spot, rather than having to fake it together.
> As for general store/reporting separation, take a look at Ubercart 
> Domain Access (http://drupal.org/project/uc_domain) which claims to 
> allow "...an Ubercart store to span multiple domains, storing the 
> originating domain when an order is made and displaying the correct 
> store information on invoices."
> I'm sure you'll have to do a little bit of exploration to make it all 
> work together happily, but venture to guess it will be less time than 
> the other approach.
> Hope this helps,
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