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Mon Sep 20 17:16:45 UTC 2010

Good afternoon Adam,

I had a similar question, a while back, here is the answer I received.

In short, no, there is no good approach to this :)

If you do go down the path of changing the global $user object, then
you will want to use session_save_session to make your code look
something like this:

// Don't save the session if the next block of code fails:
// Save the old user account someplace.

$user = user_load(0);
// Some computation....

// Something like this:
$user = $the_old_user

// Its now safe to start saving the session again:


If your 'Computation' in the middle there fails, then the users
session will be saved with the $user object you loaded up, i.e.
they'll get logged out. Annoying at the moment, but if you ever change
it to assign other users to the $user object then you might end up
with people being logged in as other people if the 'computation' fails
for some reason.

Everett Zufelt

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On 2010-09-20, at 1:07 PM, Adam B. Ross wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am trying to determine a good approach to identifying whether a
> specified menu path could be accessed by anonymous users, in an effort
> to implement some kind of baseline cacheable security for an Input
> Filter.
> However, I cannot specify a user with such functions as
> menu_get_item() to ask for the access right of an anonymous user. Is
> there a good approach to this?
> - abr/Grayside

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