[development] Importing D7 alpha5 data into D7 alpha7

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Tue Sep 21 01:30:34 UTC 2010

I applied the D7 alpha 7 release which didn't go too well, so I decided 
to create a new alpha 7 instance and import the data into it.

I moved over all the content tables... blocks, views, field data, node 
types, node tables, field config tables. Everything is 99% ok, the site 
looks like it did, I can access everything, my nodes are there, as are 
the blocks and views.

The one odd thing that happened was that in the field_config_entity_type 
table, the new one had 1 as node and 2 as comment, whereas the older 
version was the reverse, and all the entity-id's for the fields was 2 
(which they should be, having been created for nodes), so I changed node 
to 2 and comment to 1.

The only issue I'm having, which is probably something small with a big 
result, is that even though all the field data is there, and the field 
data maps to the node entity type and the correct nodes, when I edit the 
node the field data is missing, and when I preview a view using those 
fields the field data is missing, but when I look at the field data in 
the db it's fine.

One hint, though I haven't figured out the cause or correction, is that 
when I look at the sql generated by the view, it shows 
field_data_field_myfield.etid = 1  When I put that query in phpmyadmin, 
and change the value etid to 2, it comes back with data. I can't find 
where it's getting the value of 1 from. I did clear cache, and all the 
etid values for in the field config table are 2.


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