[development] Doubts on VIEWS & DATA module - please help me

Austin Einter austin.einter at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 02:27:32 UTC 2011

Hi All
I have around 5 different tables containing employee records (Name, skill
set , current company, years of experience etc).
I am trying to show the employee records for different kind of search.

One seacrh may be, show all the employees having  knowledge on PHP and must
have 5+ years of experience.
I know, I need to a database query and show it in a view (either a page or
block display).

I know how to collect the records. The query will be something like this.

SELECT res_table.name, res_table.yrsexp, res_table.emailid
    FROM res_table
    WHERE (res_table.yrsexp >= 5 AND skilltable.userid = $user->userid AND
skilltable.skill = 'PHP')
Or even in some cases I need to go for JOIN.

Somebody suggested to use Data module for it. I gave a try, I am just seeing
tables (in view creation), not sure how do I impose the custom SQL query.
Is it really possible to impose above kind of sql query using Data module???

Or is it the best way to go for custom module and implement _alter_view or
_pre_exute_view hooks.

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