[development] Newbie Drupal 7 - Creating Attendence by user access

Joel Willers joel.willers at sigler.com
Mon Apr 18 13:16:28 UTC 2011

Upload a spreadsheet - I assume you mean csv/tsv file.  Node Import module is what I like to use.  There are many options for how to get the information into the site, though.  You could have a Meeting content type, and then have Date and Attendance for fields in them, or have User References so that the users can see what meetings they attended.  

Display = Views.  Views is your best method, in my opinion, to query a database and display the results.  In this case you can use an argument that defaults to Current User, and then use that to display the Meeting content type.  This would be a View of type Node.  Filter - Node:Type = Meeting, Fields - Meeting name (and whatever else).

Hopefully this will get you off to a good start.


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I have list of people who attended meetings who have a drupal account.

I wish to
- Upload a speadsheet with the attendence
- Display to the users which have an account which meetings they attended
- These events are not in drupal calendar

I have reasonable knowledge of php/html and databases but no knowledge 
of drupal.

Where do I start? (Please be gentle)


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