[development] Translatable fields

Karen Stevenson karen at elderweb.com
Thu Apr 21 09:26:23 UTC 2011

I'm trying to sort out how our fields are/should be handling translation in
D7. I have date fields, which should not be translatable, being marked as
translatable. I have been digging through the code to figure out how I can
force them to not be translatable.

The Field crud has a setting called 'translatable', which defaults to FALSE,
but the Field UI sets translatable to TRUE for every field created in the
UI. There is no place in the core UI to set a default for translatability in
the field info and I can't see any way other than blunt force altering the
data to change the behavior of a field created in the UI to keep it from
being translated.

I am running into problems now where Views are broken because I tried to
create untranslatable fields (using 'und') while new fields use the site
default language instead of 'und', and the language column is getting joined
into the view because the field is 'translatable'.

I see from a few blog posts, like http://randyfay.com/node/88, that we are
recommending that people install the Entity Translation module to allow them
to identify fields to translate, but it appears that anyone who does not
have that module enabled (i.e. a core install) will end up with all fields
marked as translatable and the language value for the field populated with
the site language.

I guess I have to just leave date fields alone and go with the flow, assume
they are all translatable even if I don't want them to be. But I'm wondering
if anyone has any other ideas for how to handle this in D7.
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