[development] Node limbo

jeff at ayendesigns.com jeff at ayendesigns.com
Sun Apr 24 22:47:26 UTC 2011

That would be (will be?) great, but here's what I see.

I have a field myfield that I send to the client as a hidden field with 
value 0. I change the value, via javascript, on the client.

When I dsm $form in form_submit (I didn't try form_state yet), I see 
form->myfield->value as 0, but form->myfield->#post->myfield has the 
correct value.

When I look at the node object, I see myfield, but it is value 0, the 
original value, but not the value that was present when the form was 

On 04/24/2011 05:22 PM, Scott Reynen wrote:

> I went through the same thought process once, and was pleasantly 
> surprised to find the field info actually is present in the node. The 
> node object is created directly from $form_state['values'], so the 
> $node itself in hook_nodeapi() will contain the values you added to 
> the form. For example, if you added a field named 'something' with 
> hook_form_alter(), you'll see that in 
> $form_state['values']['something'] in a form submit handler, and 
> you'll see the same value in $node->something in hook_nodeapi().

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