[development] Colored text in a form

Carl Jester cjester at peladon.com
Tue Apr 26 21:31:45 UTC 2011

On Apr 26, 2011, at 4:07 PM, Frederik Grunta wrote:

> This sounds like a CSS styling issue, which has nothing to do with Drupal.

It has to be at least a little related to Drupal. I get the same result under multiple themes. This was previously a chunk of php stuck in a page using the php filter, now I'm turning it into a proper Drupal module using the form api. So, it's got something to do with how the form is being assembled.

> The <font> tag is depreciated - you should stick with <span style=""> or <span class="important-form-text"> or similar.

Yep. I just tried both to see if it would change the behavior. Got the same result either way in multiple themes.

After I posted I realized I can to a _theme function to go with the _form function to help lay things out nicely without having to add .tpl files or other theme overhead to the project. I think it's time to go make friends with drupal_render().


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