[development] SOLR - multiple indexes on single site?

Jeff Hartman lists at jeffhartman.com
Wed Dec 14 16:22:48 UTC 2011

I'm new to Solr and have a site where I would like to use Solr to power keyword search and product search, both on the same site.

I've googled around quite a bit and all I've found is how to power multiple sites with Solr, not power multiple sections on the site. I don't know if using 2 separate indexes is possible (or necessary), but I would like:
- different URL paths for search result (one keyword results, the other product search results)
- results in product search to only query against product content types, the keyword for any content type
- I envision facets to only be needed in product results, but there is potential to use in general keyword results (though results content grouping is much more important to me!)

Thanks for any direction you can provide.


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