[development] reducing module size

Pierre Rineau pierre.rineau at makina-corpus.com
Wed Feb 2 15:59:14 UTC 2011

Le mercredi 02 février 2011 à 13:54 +0100, jcisio a écrit :
> It depends on which Drupal you are using, D6 or D7. Read the
> documentation about D7, where you can split your .module into multiple
> files.
> In D6, in general, all hook implementations must be presented in your
> .module file. However, except your module is too big, this micro
> optimization has only negligeable profit.
> --
> Hai-Nam Nguyen (aka jcisio)
> http://jcisio.com

Module file split is almost the same in D6 and D7. The only real *big*
thing added is the class automatic introspection in .info declared files
that allows you to use the core autoloader.

For the rest, you will stick to menu 'file' key usage.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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