[development] Newbie questions (need to reload modules)

Randy Fay randy at randyfay.com
Thu Feb 3 14:34:52 UTC 2011

No, you don't have to disable/enable or uninstall/reinstall when changing
your module.

There are times when you have to clear the cache - for example if you
add/change an entry in hook_menu().

There are times that you need to run update.php (if you've added
hook_update_N() functions).

You're certainly not the first newbie to wonder about this!


On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 1:33 AM, Angel Alvarez <clist at uah.es> wrote:

> Hi
> Im starting drupal module coding ( i have drupal 6 installation )
> My module is pretty simple and i plan to add more funcionality over time
> do i need to reaload the module (deactivate/activate) whenever i add new
> funcionality (ex a new form)
> or does drupal just blindly call callbacks so just updating the .module
> file doas the trick.
> Thanks in advance!!
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