[development] sudden jquery load error

Blake Senftner bsenftner at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 5 02:45:57 UTC 2011

Environment: latest D6 in WAMP on a Windows Server 2008 R2.

The strangest error just started occurring within firebug: The first code line of the standard Drupal jquery file (jQuery 1.2.6) is generating an error. Firebug says that line 13 has a "test for equality (==) mistyped as an assignment (=)?"

And because of this new, I have no idea how this could have started, bug... I am unable to continue work on a Services 3.0 based framework where I'm using java script to test the RESTful API I'm developing. (I guess I can test it with php, but I'd have to rewrite my testing framework all over.)

The only thing I can think that I did which could have impacted this is run cron, but that does not really make any sense...

I found this similar situation post http://drupal.org/node/846026?mode=2&sort=2 , but that is not the same error, but it is the same line and the same unaltered jQuery source file... has anyone else encountered this? If so, what did you do to fix it? 

bsenftner at earthlink.net

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