[development] Node Token Replacement + CCK

DTH david at hartster.org
Tue Feb 15 10:28:56 UTC 2011

Quick question: my original intention was to set it up so that people
could use something like, for example, {{PRICE_OF_FOO}} in node
content, so that when the price of foo changes, it only has to be
changed in one place rather than in lots of different places.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I've used Token + Token Filter, so
that people can use [token custom price-foo]. Everything works fine

function custommodule_token_values($type, $object = NULL, $options = array()) {
  if ($type == 'custom') {
    $tokens['price-foo']      = "$19.99";
    return $tokens;

The next step was to stick a UI on this so anybody can update the
price. To do so I created a new content type "tokens", and added CCK
fields for foo_price, foo_version_number etc. The code now looks like:

function custommodule_get_tokens(){
	$node = new stdClass();
	$node->nid =12;
	$node->vid = db_result(db_query("SELECT vid FROM {node} WHERE nid =
	$node->type = 'tokens';
	$content = content_storage('load', $node);
	return array("price-foo"=>$content['field_foo_price'][0]['value'],"version-foo"=>$content['field_foo_version_number'][0]['value']);

function custommodule_token_values($type, $object = NULL, $options = array()) {
  if ($type == 'custom') {
    $tokens = custommodule_get_tokens();
    return $tokens;

Basically: is this the best way to do this, or is there a simpler/more
native to giving users node tokens they can edit themselves. I wanted
to check before I embarked on a round of clearing up the UI so that
the "tokens" content type doesn't have all the menu/published/language
stuff on etc, making sure people can't hit node/12 etc.

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