[development] CVS -> GIT

Fahri Reza dozymoe at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 06:00:37 UTC 2011

On Saturday 19 February 2011 11:07:19 nan wich wrote:
> There is something like a msysgit, but Tortoise specifically says not to
> use it, so I'm not sure how to do CLI, even if I wanted to.
> Nancy

I think CLI is about reading manual, and remembering common tasks, the 
easiest way to get started is by typing $git --help and $man git.
Or any command --help.
It's the programmer's job to provide decent working help-print-outs.

For the most part isn't git is about hooks and scripts? we'll be needing 
shell environment for this, right?? CMIIW

Virtual system is one way to do it, don't have to burn the cd/dvd-disc, 
there should be an option to mount iso-file as a virtual cd-drive on the 
guest system, either with VirtualPC, VirtualBox, or VMware.

At minimal the requirement for Virtual system should be just about 
enough available RAM, since we only need the CLI environment in *nix 
system, no GUI, X-Server, and Window-Manager.
Then use some smart symlink tactics, to play with shared-folders given 
from host-system to the guest's *nix system.
All the editing stuff is done in the host-system.

There is also an option of http://www.colinux.org/ and 


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