[development] Variable overriding in SimpleTest environments

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Sun Feb 27 01:26:00 UTC 2011

Are you sure something like this wouldn't be better with hook_requirements()?
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From: Christian López Espínola <clopez at emergya.es>
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Sent: Sat, February 26, 2011 6:02:08 PM
Subject: [development] Variable overriding in SimpleTest environments


I'm trying to build with SimpleTest some acceptance tests for the D6 based sites 
I'm developing.

For achieving this, I am creating a module that checks if configuration values 
are the correct ones, with tests like this one:

  public function testFileDirectoryPathIsTheRightOne () {
    $dirpath = variable_get('file_directory_path', 'sites/default/files'); // 
tried file_directory_path() too instead of reading the variable.
      'The file directory path is correct'

But (obviously) the simpletest environment that is being built overrides this 
setting (p.e.: file_directory_path() and the variable 'file_directory_path' have 
the value sites/default/files/simpletest/275031).

Is any way of checking the values of the original site? I'm thinking about 
checking that $dirpath begins with 'sites/default/files', but not sure if there 
is a better way of assuring this).

Thanks for your time!

-- Christian López Espínola
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