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Blake Senftner bsenftner at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 4 20:46:14 UTC 2011

Hi Drupal Devs,

My previous experience with writing a WebAPI was through the Services 2.x module, and the usage was for internal web site to work-horse server communications. The method I used back then for file uploads was to simply place the file to be uploaded to the work-horse server inside a directory under web site's docroot and then pass the file's URL as a parameter to the WebAPI function call that requires the file. At the work-horse server, the heavy lifting is performed by a BASH driven processing pipeline, so the file URL was passed to CURL to somewhere in that BASH pipeline to get the needed file.

However, I am starting work on a WebAPI that will be using Services 3.0 and the WebAPI will be publicly accessible. What is the "best practice" for file uploads to a WebAPI? The files being passed through the WebAPI vary from 30K to potentially 100 megs (smaller files are images, medium files are complex data, larger files are video). 

Any good web resources for this and similar WebAPI architecture information are welcome. 

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