[development] Single signon question

"Roberto Gorjão" roberto at asenseofdesign.com
Wed Jan 5 05:51:11 UTC 2011

Hi Paolo,

> The SSO must permits us to:
> 1) Normalize already registered users and automatically get them access to
> all site's network.
> 2) Same thing as before but for new registered users.

1- SSO doesn't "normalize" already registered users. As each database has,
currently, it's users table, you'll have to merge users of all future
"client" sites into the users table of the future "controller" site. Then,
when setting up SSO, only this last users table will be used and the
others may even be dropped.

2- New users will be registered on the controller site users table, that
will be shared with all the client sites. Therefore, yes, users will be
"normalized" and get automatic access to all sites.

> Openid could be a solution ?

It wouldn't. SSO also permits the sharing of the "sessions" table, which
is essential for the simultaneous login to work. That wouldn't happen with
Openid that would login the user just on the one site he's logging in to.



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