[development] refreshing the main page after delete action in pop-up

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 19 13:32:06 UTC 2011

You can use Thickbox to handle the model popups. It offers AJAX mode in 
a Hybrid model, then to handle the refresh you would want to send this 
back to the browser (in the popup/modal dialog):

<script type="text/javascript">
     var win = window.dialogArguments || opener || parent || top;

The will cause the top/parent window to just refresh, which also closes 
out your modal dialog.

Jamie Holly

On 1/19/2011 6:47 AM, mahesh gajabar wrote:
> I have the html table for showing my some information with fetching 
> data from database. I have edit and delete action for every row. I 
> doing both edit and delete action in pop-up using pop-up API 
> module..Its working fine . Edit and delete action are getting done. 
> After closing pop-up my main drupal page showing tables  as it is 
> before .After I doing manual refresh it showing updated table. I want 
> it be auto-refresh as soon I confirm delete action in pop-up.How I can 
> do it? One more thing Instead of pop-up I need Modal window. I know 
> using modalframe module We can get modal window but I dont know how I 
> can make settings for it .So please help me.
> for getting pop-up I just giving class to my anchor tag like this
> "<a href='doctor/delete' class='popups'> ". t('Delete')."</a>"
> find attached module.
> Thanks
> Mahesh Gajabar
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