[development] Other file structure module info + directory search

alias at resist.ca alias at resist.ca
Wed Jan 19 23:22:12 UTC 2011


Not having contributed until now, except for bug reports a.s.o. But now
I've found something that could be nice to implement:

It's advanced directory indexing, so one easily could read directly into
ones directory to see what modules are there, versions. short info, links,

Don't say it's a security infringement; one can make the dirs password
protected on server level and make rules in the .htaccess file like:

I choose not to password protect, as I like to show-off my project and
haven't seen dangerous code till now (although I'm not an expert and not

Here a few examples:

As one can see looking through all these dir's; the README.txt and
README.html are displayed as directory info. Files like readme.txt NOT,
see these examples:


I have made this difference because I don't like the readme.txt and .info
files delivered by Drupal, for this purpose.

I like a protocol for all short concentrated important info and all links
where to get more, so then one gets to a README.html file

I have major problems for getting this done myself for the modules. There
are so many modules and they're updated so often, that I can't go editing
every module updates info into an additional README.html file.

See this way of organizing modules:
=> into http://wi-ca.org/Table_sort & http://wi-ca.org/Table_sort_experiment

Anyway, I like Drupal.org changing it's protocols for module info and
putting all (readme & .info) together in a new strict very informative &
short protocol for new README.html files INSTEAD (yes, because more files
take more server resources).

Please brainstorm; I'm just a beginner and there must be more fancy
technical possibilities..!

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