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You don't need Panels for this. All you need is a simple form. Webform might 
even do it.
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Hi All
I am quite new to Drupal, and trying hard to learn Drupal.
My apologize to all, if I am asking a silly question here.

I want to implement a dynamic web page for employee work report track purpose 
using Drupal.

1) At the top of page I want a view (in table format), that will show existing 
 records added.
2) At the center of page I want individual fields where we will enter data for 
3) At the bottom of page I want buttons to add/modify/delete records.

Please see the attached word document, what I am trying to make.

So individual users can enter data for records and using "add" button  I should 
be able to add the records.
With every add/modify/delete operation records shoud be updated in database.
Next time user logs in should be able to see previously added records.

In Drupal7 what is the best way to do it. Please provide your valuable input 

I have thought of below option. Please correct me if I am heading towards wrong 

a.  I will have a panel page and  using layout manager will create three regions 
top, center and buttom.
b.  In top, I will add the view , center will add the individual fields and at 
buttom will add buttons. 

c. I need to explore how to create view, individual text-field/text-areas and 
buttons and add - If you know it, please let me know.  

d. And how do I include the database specific code such as INSERT, DELETE etc.

Best Regards
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