[development] Taxonomy_select_nodes quetion

bob brazeau bobbrazeau at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 17:13:59 UTC 2011

This is for verision 6 of Drupal.
I have a taxonomy category with 11 results, but only the top 10 are
showing up.  I am getting my results by
 $result = taxonomy_select_nodes(array($tid), 'or', 0, FALSE, 'n.title asc');

 Looked into the code for the select

 and based on my parameters came up with the following query
  $result = db_query("select distinct(n.nid), n.sticky, n.title,
n.created from node n inner join term_node tn on n.vid=tn.vid where
tn.tid = %d and n.status = 1 order by n.title asc",$tid);

 which returns all 11 results.

 I went into /admin/content/node-settings and upped the value from 10
to 30, but there was no change.

Then I changed the FALSE to TRUE in the original code and all 11
results showed up.  Not sure why the result set was limited when
paging was turned OFF.  Can anyone shed light on what was happening



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