[development] Patch stuck for D6 blog module w/postgresql

Randy Fay randy at randyfay.com
Thu Jul 21 13:30:41 UTC 2011

Hi Daniel -

These things are frustrating, especially with bugs that only affect a
lightly used section of older versions of core.

If I were going to campaign to get that one committed, I would do these

   - Get the PostgresSQL maintainers to chime in.
   - Get *somebody* other than the author to chime in. (sun did comment
   there, but he's the only one but the author)
   - Get somebody authoritative to mark it RTBC (sun?). Best somebody
   involved with Postgres.
   - Talk with Gabor in IRC about it, bring it to his attention, get him to
   comment on it.

Rinse and repeat.

I encourage you to take this on if you're affected by this.


2011/7/21 Daniel Vérité <daniel.verite at gmail.com>

>  Hi,
> The patch here:
> http://drupal.org/node/1149628
> solves a problem with a query that makes the blog module fail to work with
> postgresql.
> The patch is both trivial and critical for the blog to work at all, yet
> it's
> stuck in the "needs review" status with no comments from anyone.
> What does it take to get this patch applied?
> Best regards,
> --
>  Daniel Vérité

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