[development] Drupal core initiatives

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Mon Jun 13 14:22:53 UTC 2011

Hi initiative owners, participants, and developers,

I'd like to urge you to move more or ideally all conversations that are 
currently held in private into the public, to this list.

Open brainstorming, roadmap and proposal-style discussions and 
conversations are actually what mailing lists still excel in.

- Everyone can chime in.  No one is excluded.
- Threads and sub-topics can be spawned easily, at any time, and are 
still tracked by everyone.
- Discussions don't need to be announced, the discussion is the 

It's debatable whether the Development list is suitable or whether there 
should be a separate list.  However, a new list would require 
infrastructural changes and everyone to sign up, and regardless of 
whether that is going to happen, we have this list here, so let's use it.


I'm very concerned about the initial and ongoing communication regarding 
D8 initiatives.  Major technical discussions happen completely in 
private among a few peers only.  Concrete proposals are worked out in 
the dark, presented as semi-final to the community, often not including 
considerations that led to certain suggested parts/details in a 
proposal, leaving little room for actual, open, and friendly 
discussions.  Lastly, without some form of public announcement (which 
varies these days given Twitter, mailing lists, d.o issues, etc), no one 
knows that a post exists somewhere in the first place.

I'm personally trying hard to follow and track all initiative 
discussions, and I bet it's not only me.  But given their 
diversity/location on d.o and g.d.o, g.d.o's extremely poor 
subscriptions system, and the fact that many details aren't discussed in 
the public in the first place, it's practically impossible to stay in 
the loop.

Most of these private conversations happen in e-mails already.  So it's 
merely a matter of changing the recipient for your next mail/reply. 
Please do so.

I also bet that most discussions on g.d.o posts would've worked much 
better as mailing list threads.  Of course, final conclusive summaries 
gathered from discussions still make sense to be posted and updated on 
d.o or g.d.o.  But most of the discussions were held in free form, chaos 
style brainstorming, partially spawned into sub-discussions, so a 
mailing list thread would have worked way better for everyone, since no 
one needs to subscribe to track the details.


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