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Mon Jun 13 16:54:40 UTC 2011

On 6/13/11 11:12 AM, Karyn Cassio wrote:
> Actually it is not true that "anyone can sign up" for the initiatives 
> group.
> It expressly says:
> "This is an/invite only/group. The group administrators add/remove 
> members as needed."
Yeah. There's unfortunately no way to limit create an "announce only" 
list on g.d.o any other way (if you could limit "Create $foo" 
permissions on g.d.o to just managers instead of all group members, this 
would work, but you can't :\). It's important the content here stay 
curated so that people actually follow it. The downside is that RSS is 
the only option for subscribing, unfortunately. However, anyone can 
comment on posts there and participate on discussions, which is 
certainly the intent.

As of this morning, I'm also piping the RSS feed from this group into 
Drupal Planet, so that'll hopefully also help distribute viability of 
these discussions to a wider audience going forward.


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