[development] D7 node flow

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Sat Jun 25 02:01:10 UTC 2011

I needed an extra checkbox along with Promote, Publish, etc. on the 
content type form, so used node_form_FORM_ID_alter to accomplish that.

Now, if that box is checked, when content of that type is created I need 
an additional box in the same section.

My problem is that the node form doesn't seem to have that field present 
from the content type form for me to interrogate. So I either should not 
have used the original hook to add the field to the content form, or I 
should be hooking something else in order to get that field added to the 
#node section of the node form.

There are SO many new functions and hooks ... if there is a page with a 
graphic that lays out the flow nicely, or some narrative or good example 
module from which I can glean the answer, please tell me :)


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