[development] Developer(s) sought - Democracy installation profile - Detailed spec available

Sergio ARBARVIRO laurent.zibell at t-online.de
Tue Mar 1 14:08:15 UTC 2011

Hello to all,

I look for one or more developer(s) enthusiastic about leveraging the 
Drupal features to develop an Installation Profile dedicated to on-line 
democracy. This Installation Profile would be called KuneAgi. Purpose of 
KuneAgi is to design action programmes collectively and democratically, 
using the "Organic Groups" feature of Drupal. This function is at the 
core of democracy, and can be used in political parties, associations, 
firms and for regional / local public authorities. Details of the 
project can be found here: http://www.kuneagi.org .

I am ignorant in Drupal coding. However, I wrote a highly detailed 
functional specification (104 pages) of the software:
and a list of the functions to be implemented:

First step would be to implement those functions that already exist in 
Drupal and are considered as "Essential" in the list, by setting up an 
Installation Profile to be used as a demonstrator. Additional features, 
requiring specific development, would be introduced later as modules (or 
as improvements to existing modules).

If you are interested to take part in this endeavour to revolutionise 
the way democracy works, to empower the people to concretely have their 
say in the future of our societies, write to me directly.

Thank you for your help. Best wishes.

Sergio Arbarviro, promoter
KuneAgi, a software to do things together

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