[development] Git best practices for client codebases

Sam Boyer drupal at samboyer.org
Wed Mar 2 15:46:47 UTC 2011

Definitely would be worth some updated docs. I'm trying to get to such
docs (or delegate the responsibility for it) as fast as I can :)

On 3/1/11 11:36 PM, Gábor Hojtsy wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 7:10 AM, Sam Boyer <drupal at samboyer.org> wrote:
>>> Also, if you want to manage both core and contrib modules that way it
>>> means you are now using git submodules, which it's generally agreed suck
>>> AFAIK, or complex sub-tree merging that is out of reach of 99% of
>>> developers.  Hell, I've done it and I don't want to do it. :-)
>> Git submodules don't suck across the board. They only suck if you try to
>> use them for the wrong purpose - namely, general dev. Which is what most
>> people try to use them for, and then get frustrated. However, they can
>> be *very* effective as part of a strategy for developing a real client
>> site, where you actually do want to record submodule updates in the
>> parent repo (e.g., when you update a set of modules from upstream, you
>> reflect that in the parent repo with a commit of all the updated
>> submodules).
>> Yes, subtrees are a doozy that don't ever enter most folks' repertoire.
>> But plain, nested git repos (that just ignore each other) works
>> delightfully well. They can't rebuild themselves on new servers, but if
>> your deployment strategy is rsync, that's moot.
> Well, it would be good to document the suggestion for "nested git
> trees with gitignores" as a best practice if you think it is, because
> last I've asked on #gitsupport, subrepos were suggested as per
> http://freso.dk/en/2011/02/26/managing_fresodk_from_cvs_in_svn_to_git
> (no they did not add that they suck :). The guide currently linked
> from the main Git docs page for site builders
> (http://drupal.org/node/803746) is very outdated (assumes contrib is
> in CVS, and generally that you use a git repo mirrored from CVS), and
> developers flock to blog posts like that which seem to be up to date
> and supposedly contain best practice suggestions.
> Gábor

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