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nan wich nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 7 04:51:04 UTC 2011

Indeed, a scalable design is an excellent idea. However, one needs to start with 
a realistic goal. I seriously doubt that 70 million is at least an order of 
magnitude too high.

Title can be hidden with the Automatic nodetitle module 
(http://drupal.org/project/auto_nodetitle), which you're probably going to want; 
all nodes must have a title, in this case you'll probably want to derive it from 
the name. Menu settings is controlled by permissions. Input format is set by the 
format and who may use it. Again, I will caution you: if you didn't already know 
those last two, you are thinking too big to succeed right now.

Filefield is specifically what you're asking for, but you still need some 
function to zip the data, if it will help.

CCK comes with fieldgroup in D6, but requires the Field Group module in D7 (and 
is supposed to be better). http://drupal.org/project/field_group

Now, to offer another option. One possible drawback to CCK is that all fields 
will be loaded when the node is loaded, including possibly unzipping the resume. 
If you code your own node module, you have more control over which pieces are 
loaded (think performance) at any particular event. There are examples of this 
in the API site. I believe the examples include search indexing.

In terms of search, and in particular the user experience, you might want to 
look at ApacheSolr search with its faceted drill-down.

By the way, you haven't even mentioned location, which is important in job 
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -- Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.


From: Austin Einter
I wanted to design/implement similar to monester, where I can handle large 
number of users. 
But can I have those many users or not,  not sure as of now, however it is good 
to have a scalable design as a starting point.

Last few months, I have been looking at Drupal, have gone through number of 
I am comfortable with Drupal to some extent. Now I want to learn and implement 
how to store and retreive data, and what is the best efficient way when we need 
to deal with large amount of data.

I just created pages using webform and CCK. 
With CCK I see

1. Number of extra field are shown up (like Title, menu settings, input format 
etc) and I do not want these fields. Please let me know how can I stop these 
fields appearing.

2. I wanted to have a field for resume upload, could not find the FILE field 
 using CCK. 

Then I enabled fileupload module, with this I can see a file upload field in 
page. Probably I can look at installing file field.

3. There is a fieldset field in webform to group similar fields under one group. 
I am not aware of module which can do this if using CCK. Appreciate if you can 
suggest how to keep similar fields in one group.

If I can overcome these issues I am pro for CCK. 

Assuming I am going to use CCK, as you mentioned skillset can be indexed (using 
custom module), can you kindly provide more information how it can be done 
atleast from logic perspective.
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