[development] IRC changeover to XMPP?

justin randell justin.randell at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 03:28:35 UTC 2011


On 20 March 2011 04:22, Daniel F. Kudwien <news at unleashedmind.com> wrote:
> If someone has the knowledge and experience to kick-start and setup a Jabber
> server for Drupal, I'd say: Just do it.
> Lots of communication has moved into completely private backchannels anyway
> already.  In addition to IRC, many of us are communicating via Skype chats
> and conf calls, because, well, almost everyone is in there and automatically
> online anyway.  That doesn't automatically make Skype a good tool though; in
> fact, it makes communication even more "elite", private, and undocumented
> than anything else.

i'd love to help setup drupal.org + nodejs.module + node.js.

this would give us *tight* integration with drupal.org user accounts,
content and search.

while i'm dreaming, i'd love to have a realtime dashboard for people
collaborating on drupal.org.

log in, load the dashboard, and get (configurable) notifications
pushed down to you.



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