[development] DevScore Module

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 14:57:16 UTC 2011

Can I ask a question? This new module
http://drupal.org/sandbox/robertcfi/1104066 says it's a sandbox, but
it also says "This module is currently in production" in the text. My
guess is that it will go nowhere (it is his first module also), but
does anyone else think the criteria for scores are *ludicrous*?

Since when is a site with more nodes and more modules and more users
any "better" than a site with less?

Should be obvious but a specialty site may be optimized and beautiful
and in all ways built "perfectly" yet have a small user base and of
course a small number of modules and nodes, yet far "better" than a
big fat site slapped together with 1000 modules that serve only to
SLOW it down.

And also, since when does one have to know SEO to be a good developer?!??

Perhaps this is offtopic. Sorry. :(


PS: At least ranting made me feel better.

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