[development] Passing a client value back to Drupal

jeff at ayendesigns.com jeff at ayendesigns.com
Thu Mar 31 01:40:04 UTC 2011

Getting warm. Since I'm replacing the click handler, I decided not to 
mess with url at all and to just add another data pair to the data being 
passed, and treat it as 3 parms in the module.

I note that both 'modal' and 'ajax' are being loaded, and that the 
binding is actually do modal (from what I see in firebug). Looking at 
the code, modal link click is just a small lead-in to ajax link click, 
so I think I need to unbind the modal click handler and bind my own, 
having it call my own ajax link click function.

The unbind works. The bind does not. I start the bind with an alert, and 
when I actually click the link, it attempts to make a page change (no 
ajax bind, and no alert).  Here is what I have:

  * Unbind the CTools click event handler then add our own
$(document).ready(function() {
     $('a.ctools-use-modal:not(.ctools-use-modal-processed-My)', context)

Drupal.CTools.Modal.clickAjaxMyLink = function () {
   // show the empty dialog right away.
   if (!$(this).hasClass('ctools-ajaxing')) {

   return false;

  * Generic replacement click handler to open the modal with the
  * specified by the href of the link.
Drupal.CTools.AJAX.clickAJAXMyLink = function() {
alert('made it');
   if ($(this).hasClass('ctools-ajaxing')) {
     return false;

   var url = $(this).attr('href');
   var object = $(this);
   try {
     url = url.replace(/\/nojs(\/|$)/g, '/ajax$1');
       type: "POST",
       url: url,
       data: { 'js': 1, 'ctools_ajax': 1, 'body': 
       global: true,
       success: Drupal.CTools.AJAX.respond,
       error: function(xhr) {
         Drupal.CTools.AJAX.handleErrors(xhr, url);
       complete: function() {
       dataType: 'json'
   catch (err) {
     alert("An error occurred while attempting to process " + url);
     return false;

   return false;

On 03/30/2011 01:43 AM, Earl Miles wrote:
> This is how CTools binds to links, normally: (There's a couple of other
> methods as well, but they're all similar).
>      $('a.ctools-use-ajax:not(.ctools-use-ajax-processed)', context)
>        .addClass('ctools-use-ajax-processed')
>        .click(Drupal.CTools.AJAX.clickAJAXLink);
> If you need special handling of the link, what you probably need to do
> is bind yourself, and then use your own version of clickAJAXLink that
> gets your data and does what it needs.
> You can either modify the href and then call through to it, or just
> replace it as you need.

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