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>  Hello everyone,
>  i have just migrated to drupal, in other words i am a drupal newbie. i
> would like to get some tips/knowledge from you to kick on my project.
>  i want to develop a community website where people will be posting
> different events, news, discussion forum and many more features  using this
> cms.
>  how can i easily start about developing such a project using drupal., i
> mean coding standards, how to communicate with drupal inbuilt features, how
> to integrate with different modules., best drupal ide's and so on
>  if someone has done such a project can i share some development ideas with
> him please.?
>  point to note: i have already read alot of  drupal books, also watched
> some drupal introduction tutorials.
> thanks in advance
Building a community site with drupal is not a big deal. There are existing
module for that. Depend upon the requirement of the community what kind of
feature you want to include on your site. There are events, newsletter
,poll,  forums and advance forums module of druapl. You can use these module
to establish a community website. There is one distro of drupal openatrium
<http://openatrium.com/>developed for the purpose of community websites.

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