[development] D6 What is typical cause #3 for a pager not appearing?

Ms. Nancy Wichmann nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Mon Apr 30 12:24:49 UTC 2012

Diptiranjan, this is a a new discussion and should be a new thread (in the Support list). What you have done here is called "hijacking" and is generally considered bad form.

Yes, you can do this with Views Slideshow only.


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> From: Diptiranjan Sukla
>Hi, I would like to ask which module should I use to achieve this 
>images with next prev button 
>fields: title,image,url
>Is this possible with views slideshow module only? Or should I use 
something different? I mean, I know that I have to use views, of coourse, but I 
just want to know if it is possible at all or not.
>Or how  can i use the custome module for 
drupal 7. i am new to the drupal 7.
>please help me .
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