[development] Update Problems

Ms. Nancy Wichmann nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 31 18:26:44 UTC 2012

I see some issues related to update.php on a site I'm working on.The site is currently 7.7 and I'm trying to get to 7.12.I took a look at the system table and I see 44 modules that have a schema_version of "0". Shouldn't they be "-1" if they've never been updated, or "70xx" if they have?

Since the "alpha2alpha" and "alpha2beta" modules are present, I'm wondering if this goes back to very early versions of core. If so, is the fix to manually update them all to "-1" and force an update to occur? And then how do I fix the live site when I don't have access to the database?

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