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David Metzler metzler.dl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 19:44:50 UTC 2012

I think it's this way. 

-1 Never been updated or installed. 
0  Once Installed, but the module never provided an update_nn hook, so no schema revision number applies.  You shouldn't need to worry about these. 
70xx  Installed/updated. 

What you do depends on your goal.  If you categorically force an update to -1, remember that you'll be forcing the install hooks to fire.  That means there are some create table scripts that are likely to fail.  If the modules provide update hooks that haven't run yet, you could always force them to 0, but generally modules that 

For live sites that you don't have access to the db: 

1.  Disable then uninstall and reinstall the modules to recreate their tables if any (provided the module provides appropriate uninstall hooks and you can live with the data loss involved in dropping and recreating the tables). 
2.  If drush works on the hosting provider, try writing drush scripts to perform the db updates you need. 
2.  Write a custom one time use module to force the db changes that you need once you figure them out on your dev site. You could just write these in an empty modules install hook, but if you're having trouble with getting the update.php process to run you could put them in a callback hook advertised by the module. 

Is there a particular underlying problem you're having with the upgrade that's causing you to be mucking with the system table? It might be easier to figure out what schema changes need to be made to fix your update problem and write a custom module to fix them. 

Sounds like you're in the soup...

Good luck, 


On Mar 31, 2012, at 11:26 AM, Ms. Nancy Wichmann wrote:

> I see some issues related to update.php on a site I'm working on. The site is currently 7.7 and I'm trying to get to 7.12. I took a look at the system table and I see 44 modules that have a schema_version of "0". Shouldn't they be "-1" if they've never been updated, or "70xx" if they have?
> Since the "alpha2alpha" and "alpha2beta" modules are present, I'm wondering if this goes back to very early versions of core. If so, is the fix to manually update them all to "-1" and force an update to occur? And then how do I fix the live site when I don't have access to the database?
> Nancy
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