[development] How to change user profile entries

Todd Bloom todd.bloom at me.com
Thu May 10 09:43:32 UTC 2012

Honestly, I don't get why there's a fuss about it. How much volume does this list get specifically dedicated to core development, any way? 

It's not like it's a high volume list. It's not like it's a big deal to answer questions that someone might have even though it's not specifically related to core development.


On 10 May 2012, at 05:39, luca capra wrote:

> Wouldn't be better have a clear distinction of lists like core-dev@ / contrib-dev@ / support@ ?
> Il 09/05/2012 19:33, Cameron Eagans ha scritto:
>> Ditto. These lists aren't useful at all. Unsubscribing from both.
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