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Peter Droogmans Peter at attiks.com
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You’ll need something custom, at leeast that’s how I solved it

I added an extra file field so people could upload the file, using hook_node_insert/hook_node_update I intercepted the upload, converted it, and store the result in the other file field.

You could do it using a custom file field widget as well, just extend the current one (have a look at the image field widget, it extends the file widget)


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Hi Folks,

I have a content type with TWO file fields, in which I will designate TWO PDFs.  On upload completion I want to run something like: "exec(pdftk f1.pdf background f2.pdf output f1.pdf)".  This will "brand" f1.pdf.

I don't see any standard mechanism and so I'm not sure how to go about this.  I have a general understanding, but that doesn't answer the question.  I am sure I don't want to intercept all possible uploads; just the uploads from this specific content type.  So, can I define a file upload hook which is scoped to this specific content type?  I haven't seen anything that makes me believe I can.  Can I create a custom file field to use any time I need to perform a conversion?  Can my custom file field "extend" the existing file field, so I don't have to port improvements/bugfixes to my custom file field version?

So many questions...  (-:

Thanks for the help,

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