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Tue Nov 27 15:15:01 UTC 2012

On your tax settings page, under "Taxed line items", check the box "Coupon/Discount" 

You want to apply tax to the coupon.

On Nov 27, 2012, at 12:52 AM, Dayton Perkins wrote:

> I have a few line item scripts that all happen on the checkout page. The one that is giving trouble is a coupon line item.
> The line item is being saved to the database, as it should be with hook-order.
> All line items display, as they should on the confirm page, and charge properly, but the tax is incorrect.
> In admin/store/settings/taxes/1/edit I have a tax set up with a couple of rules.
> These should have no bearing: one being the state for the tax and another being a user role (wholesalers are not taxed) .
> Tax is applied to the Coupon line item on this configuration page, as well as to the products. These are the only applications of the tax.
> Whether I store a negative value or positive, it doesn't affect the tax that is calculated. It is always calculated on the subtotal, which is the total of the products.  This includes visiting the confirmation page and going "back".
> Tax should be calculated on the subtotal minus the coupon amount.
> My only clue is that Ubercart Taxes might expect line items before the checkout page??? (All my line items are written on submit of the checkout page, before the confirm page.
> Should I write my line items on the checkout page with AJAX? That  doesn't even make sense in the light of how hook_order is written.
> Sure appreciate any help if there is anyone who has a clue. This is a production site and I wouldn't blame my client for getting antsy.
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