[development] Contribution to Drupal

ekes ekes at aktivix.org
Fri Jan 25 13:20:40 UTC 2013

On 25/01/13 14:03, manish sharma wrote:
> *Sorry, has been greylisted by
> http:BL<http://www.projecthoneypot.org/search_ip.php?ip=>

If you follow the link you will see it's listed for sending forum and
e-mail spam over a period of time; also it's on
http://www.stopforumspam.com/ipcheck/ and currently
reporting a e-mail trojan on

Greylisted usually means that it's temporary, but I don't know how long
that is. Plus if it is consistent (and the info there is over a long
period of time) it might just get re-listed I guess.

Which I guess is unfortunate, because it's the IP of the Institute; so I
guess it's a question of firewalling - or what machines are allowed to
connect to the network.

Would it be infrastructure [irc.freenode.net channel
#drupal-infrastructure] that are in charge of deciding about whitelisting?

I'm guessing the quickest way is to proxy via somewhere else though.

Cheers, ekes

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